Wrong Estimates

Tom Lee: BTC to reach $ 25,000

Tom Lee, one of the world's leading crypto maximalists, co-founder of Fundstrat Global, is quite unlucky to predict the price of the BTC. Lee's main estimate LeeBy the end of 2018, the price will reach $ 25,000"; As of December 2018, it seems that it was wrong.

Lee confessed that it was a mistake. He reduced the year-end forecast to $ 15,000. Finally, he refused to comment on the price of BTC:

Uk We're tired of people asking us about the price estimate. Due to the volatility in the crypt, we will give up any timeframe for the realization of the fair value Kr

However, Lee still believes that the true value of BTC is much higher than the current price. We will see how accurate this is in 2019.

Mike Novogratz: Institutions will attack the crypto

Mike Novogratz, a former Goldman Sachs partner and founder of Galaxy Digital, was quite accurate in the 2018 forecast. In mid-December, after a major market downturn called edi crypto winter,, BTC's price would not fall further, it would remain somewhere between $ 3,000 and $ 6,000, and we found it right.

On the other hand, the idea that institutional investors would invest in crypto-cash in 2018 was a very wrong estimate. In October, "If in the first and second quarters [2019], institutions will come, we will see new bulls." said. Even so Bloomberg's latest report; Wall Street's crypto dreams are in a state of uncertainty as a result of incredible declines. The news is that financial giants, such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup, were relinquishing their plans until a high demand.

Bloomberg: BTC is heading for $ 1,500

In fact, Bloomberg analysts are quite unsuccessful. Shortly after the first signs of extreme market decline, the media said BTC is moving towards $ 1,500, which means a 70 percent drop in price. The year isn't over yet, but this estimate doesn't seem very realistic.

George Friedman: Blokzinc isfashions outdated

George Friedman, Geopolitical Futures analyst; In an interview in June, he said block-chain technology would not be used one day and that this technology was another problem.

Friedman; Although it does not mention the time period mentioned in the end of 2018, the blockchain is far from outdated. Massive adoption is no longer an empty dream, as governments around the world continue to test blockbusters in different areas. Even China, which continues to impose a strict ban on ICOs and local crypto exchanges, recognizes the advantages of decentralized technology and focuses on its own blockchain.

In 2018, the aging of the blockchain resembles a dystopian science fiction story rather than reality.

John McAfee: BTC to rise to $ 500,000 in 3 years

The unrealistic foresight of a cyber-security legend and a celebrity cryptophore-interested John McAfee was held in 2017. Back then, McAfee said he was very assertive that BTC would surpass $ 500,000 by 2020.

With nearly 2015 running out, McAfee's ambitious forecast remains only one year to go off. However, the belief of the cyber-security pioneer is still full. He even raised the bar for $ 1 million. Last mocked his own bet on a Twitter post.


Ari Paul: BTC and BCH have more hardfork

Ari Paul, co-founder of Block Tower, a large-scale cryptocurrency protection fund, made a series of predictions on Twitter at the beginning of 2018. I Bazılarındayanıl. However, Paul was able to estimate the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hardfork:

Ed Both BTC and BCH will continue to live hardfork. 10% of each value will flow into new forks. "

Another BTC forku has not yet taken place. But BCH hardfork took place in November. This also resulted in a massive war and mass division for the coin that was practically divided into the BCH ABC and the BCH SV.

Todd Gordon: BTC will drop to $ 4,000

Almost six months before the in crypto winter açıkça, where most enthusiasts still maintain high rates, Todd Gordon of TradingAnalysis.com made it clear that Bitcoin would drop to $ 4,000. Moreover, BTC has even fallen under $ 3,500 recently.

However, the second part of his estimate is still unclear. Will Bitcoin recover in 2019 and go back to $ 10,000 again? Only time will show.

Reggie Brown: BTC ETF won't be soon

Reggie Brown, a high-level general manager traded at the financial services company Cantor Fitzgerald, and chairman of the exchange traded funds (ETFs) FinansalFather of ETFs”Is known as. In November, BTC claimed that its ETF would not be approved any time soon and that this was practically correct.

Estimated, soon approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) broker. In December, Hester Peirce, who was called "Crypto's Mother" by the crypto community, warned the community not to wait for the BTC ETF.

Blythe Masters: Blockchain profits from product supply chains

Former JPMorgan Chase manager Blythe Masters predicted in October that a two- or three-digit block chain project would soon increase the efficiency of the product markets.

So far there can be hundreds not hundreds. But a few new blockchain projects in the agriculture and oil industries have confirmed this. For example, the four largest agricultural companies in the world are integrating the block chain to automate the post-trade operations of grain and oilseeds. Large oil companies such as BP, Shell and Equinor have merged with major banks and commercial homes to launch a block-chain-guided platform called Vakt for energy trading.

Chris Concannon: ICONwill face SEC cases

In June, Chris Concannon, head of CBOE Global Markets, said cases would crush companies behind ICO projects. ICO also called on its investors to keep the pulse of future regulatory meetings.

A few months after his allegations, his words were supported by the SEC. US regulator in November; he gave the first civilian penalties to two ICOs only because they did not register their sales. Man doesn't need to make a lot of calls to see that this war just started.

PS Joseph Lubin: Bright future coming soon

A final but significant estimate was told by Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum, who recently claimed prices were overtaken;

Or Doomsday does not break. From my point of view, the future looks very bright. "

This claim has not yet been proved. We will only see this by living in 2019.

So, what happened to the crypto market, which started a very positive year? We have previously shared our analysis on this topic from here You can reach.

Source: cointelegraph