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Reported to the Wrong Address 2.100 Ethereum Sparkpool!

Yanlış Adrese Gönderilen 2.100 Ethereum Sparkpool'a Bildirildi!

Sparkpool realized that on 25 February he had received an email from an anonymous user and on February 19, he had made posting errors of up to 2,100 ether (ETH) (worth approximately $ 300,000).

To verify that the e-mail was actually the sender of the payment, Sparkpool replied on February 25 and requested a token of 0.022517 ETHs to the address using the same 0x587 address.

Yanlış Adrese Gönderilen 2.100 Ethereum Sparkpool'a Bildirildi!

Sparkpool's Email

According to Etherscan's data, the owner requested the same day at 09:15 UTC ETHSparkpool has agreed to negotiate the next step, and the sender in South Korea blockchain company.

2.100 Ethereum Sent to Wrong Address

2.100 for pool miners who have been awarded Sparkpool's award in the final agreement and returned the other half to the South Korean company ETHWe see that he holds half of 'em.

After another request from Sparkpool, the owner of 0x587 made a second transaction with 0.666 ETH, a code coded to the square of the transaction to confirm the split agreed at 05:49 UTC.


Enc We thank SparkPool and our miners for helping us compensate for our damage, and for miners' integrity we want to share half of the 2,100 ETH with miners. “

Sparkpool reported that he gave the sender the 1.050 ETH he had mentioned.

Source: Coindesk

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Ethereum Vakfı Topluluk Web Sitesini Yeniden Yayınladı

According to an official tweet on the 30th of April, the Ethereum Foundation decided to publish a new update to ethereum.org.

Ethereum Foundation Community Web Site Reconstructed

According to an Ethereum Foundation blog post on the same day, ethereum.org is a repository of community-generated Ethereum content, such as documents and tutorials created by community members. I Etherea The team continues to say:

"I Etherea, blockchain and cryptocurrency A website for a community that is busy doing things like: It will be a community website established to participate in new developers and users, to educate ourselves and to each other. gibi

It is planned to have a structure divided into four sub-pages on the website so far:

”Beginners“, "Use", "Learn" and "Do" First name will be in English. The team emphasizes that the website is only a starting point; they say the community will make improvements and additions.


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Call every two weeks I Etherea researcher Justin Drake claims that the developers team expects to prepare code specifications for the zero phase by the end of June. Drake said:

“We still have too many ways. Still, the [code] comes from simplifications, this wonderful and fine carding process to find these latest bugs and viruses as well. "

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MakerDAO Token Owners

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