Türkiye’nin En Büyük Blockchain Zirvesi, Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit Yakında Başlıyor – Kripto Kılavuz
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Countdown has begun in 2019 to the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit, the largest Blockchain and cryptocurrency event worldwide! SpaceX champion rLoop co-founder partner Ilyas Vali was among the speakers of the event.

The Biggest Technological and Economic Revolution Blockchain

Blockchain btcturk main sporlug employees in order to improve the perception and knowledge of the technology summit held blockchain with not only Turkey; It aims to bring together people from the Middle East and Central Asia. The conference will not only speak of tomorrow's blockchain but also tomorrow.

At the conference, the participants will listen to the greatest technological and financial revolution of the 21st century Blockchain from the best experts in the field, evaluate the investment opportunities and dominate the sector with all the details.

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

More than 5,000 participants from 20 countries will participate in the conference and more than 10,000 people will watch live. At this conference, investors, entrepreneurs and professionals will come together to discuss the current state of the crypto money market and the future of Blockchain technology.


  • The Future of Crypto Money Payments: Why Existing Banking Solutions Failed
  • Panel Discussion: Will States Comply with Crypto Coins and Blockchain or Will They Fight?
  • Redefining Human Value: New Era in Individual Economy
  • People Against Power: Leaving Centralism
  • Bitcoin and Other Crypto Coins: What will be the next step of investors?
Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit Tim Draper

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit Tim Draper

SpaceX Champion rLoop Founding Partner Blockchain Economy also

In 2017, Ilyas Vali, the co-founder of rLoop who won the first prize in SpaceX Hyperloop Competition, joined Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit in Istanbul on 20 February. The co-founder of the governor, rLoop operates globally with more than 1300 engineers in more than 59 countries. RLoop, a decentralized, mass-based research and development organization that offers a variety of engineering solutions, is designed to enable anyone to participate in the process of inventing, developing, and reviewing technologies with the potential to change the world at any given time and place.

Among the speakers of the event; Wall Street analyst Tom Lee, Draper Associates founder Tim Draper, White House Technology Advisor Franklin Urtega. Detailed information from here You can reach.

"Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit"

Location: Haliç Congress Center, Istanbul

Date: 20 February 2019

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National Fisheries Institute and IBM's Blockchain Tracking System Food Trust

Ulusal Balıkçılık Enstitüsü ve IBM’in Blockchain Takibi Sistemi Food Trust

The United States seafood trade association, the National Fisheries Institute (NFI), is working with Food Trust, IBM's blockchain supply chain solution, to monitor FoodOnline's reports on June 11 seafood and food-related news.

In the report, they mentioned the new system for monitoring the type of seafood jointly carried out by multiple companies. In addition, NFI members representing harvesters, importers, cold storage, food service restaurants and retail sales were also included in the program.

IBM's Blockchain Tracking System Food TrustSIRF President's Statement

The project is funded by the Seafood Industry Research Fund (SIRF), whose chairman Sean O'Scannlain said in a statement on developments:

“The tracking system is nothing new to the seafood industry, but we'll test how blockchain is a new concept, with IBM's Food Tracking system, helping seafood businesses earn revenue and reduce costs to customers from harvest to distribution.”

The system also states who can access and how long companies can control data, and who will retain control after the chain is loaded. Raj Rao, IBM Food Trust general manager Food Food Trust can change any sector, especially when we have large ecosystems, businesses and organizations ” He said.

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Visa Launches Global Cross-Border Payment Network for Some Aspects of Blockchain

Visa, Blockchain'in Bazı Yönlerine Yönelik Global Sınır Ötesi Ağı Başlattı

Visa, the US payment giant, has launched a cross-border payment network derived from some aspects of Blockchain technology.

“Visa B2B Connect” The network is designed to facilitate international exchanges by global financial institutions, enabling direct interbank payments between businesses.

 Visa's Global Cross-Border Payment Network

According to the report, the network already includes 30 trade channels worldwide to enable faster and cheaper cross-border payments and is expected to expand to 90 markets by the end of 2019.

Visa B2B Connect includes elements of the open source distributed accounting technology (DLT) Hyperledger, which was developed in part by a group led by the Linux Foundation. blockchain technology.

Kevin Phalen, managing director of Visa Business Solutions, reported in particular that some aspects of blockchain technology are used because of the ability to transfer more data on a payment than any existing payment system.

The network is a collaboration with e-payment operator Bottomline Technologies and fintech, FIS, as well as collaboration with the world-class IBM. It was reported that Visa initially worked with a cryptographic notebook systems manufacturer to improve the product.

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Facebook Coin's Whitepaper Release Date! Facebook Resources

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IT and fintech magazine TechCrunch said on June 6 that multiple sources expect Facebook to launch stablecoin on June 18.

Facebook Coin'in Whitepaper'ı Çıkış Tarihi! Facebook Kaynakları

Facebook Coin's Whitepaper Release Date! Facebook Resources

Referring to a group of people familiar with the plans, the news stated that the secret crypto currency project will emerge this month, along with current thoughts inside and outside the company, as well as history in mind. Earlier rumors were that Facebook is scheduled to release this crypto in 2020.

Facebook, with its insistence on entering the payment sector, caused an uproar throughout the industry. Executives, not only the social media platform Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram'ın side companies will participate, he said. However, the criticism of such projects comes to the latest US rating agency Weiss Ratings, which, in a private blog post, said that the ultimate goal of technology companies is not to increase the attractiveness of the crypto currency, but to get away from banks.

Facebook Coin Announces Release Date of Whitepaper

TechCrunch,  I Facebook announced on June 18 that it would publish a whitepaper explaining the basics of crypto currency ” waiting.

This date came from Laura McCracken, Facebook's President of Northern Europe's Financial Services and Payment Partners. In an interview with German finance magazine Wirtschaftswoche this week, stabilcoin said it would not include only the US dollar base.

Release "Facebook Coinvalue will be guaranteed with a minimum fiat currency ” said.

“Long term Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency units will be in the bull market. And one of the most important consequences is that they have the potential to truly disrupt the financial system we know today. ”

Still, many analysts don't see it that way. Applications such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Alipay, which can challenge the global payment system, In replacing the banks ın they think it can only be replaced by new payment platforms.

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